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    Turtle Vision Healing Arts has 25 years experience helping people from all walks of life. We help by using techniques based on shamanism and Ojibwa (Native American) Medicine.


    These techniques rely on changing your approach to your problem or issue. Your success takes place when you are open to understanding what shamanism is, and the approach to healing that it offers.


    Our goal is to help you reach yours.

  • Turtle Vision Healing Arts is based on these core principles:

    • Any issue or problem is met with complete confidentiality and non-judgement.
    • Spirit, heart and Intellect must be happily unified to be complete.
    • We are more than how our physical bodies appear to us.
    • Your results are all that matter.

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  • Testimonials

    "....an absolutely fantastic healing..."

    "Joye did an absolutely fantastic healing for myself and my home. She is nice, caring and a wonderful person. I highly recommend her services." - Andrea Meyer-Woodland Hills, CA.

    "...I haven’t bitten a single finger nail!"

    "Wanted to share with you that the memory of one more lady from my distant past came next day after session. She, as you described her, had brown hair, and her name started with “A”. She never lived with us, that’s why my memory of her is not that clear...And almost forgot- so far I haven’t bitten a single finger nail! Best to you." - Lana Kravets - Woodland Hills, CA.

    "...Shifts have taken place on multiple levels..."

    "Shifts have taken place on multiple levels. The feeling is one of calm confidence. I feel well supported...I thank you Joye and your animals for being at the core of that support." - David Quick - Reseda, CA.

    "....I got a lot done and felt motivated and powerful!"

    "Last Saturday, I went to run errands with my power animal and I got a lot done and felt motivated and powerful! So I'm still working with him and thanks so much again for your help. Thank you," - Rod Weible - Ojai, CA.

    "...witness over and over her ability in helping others."

    "Joye's participation in MoonDrum Circle has surfaced her gifts as a seer and healer. The connection she has with her teachers continues to strengthen as I benefit directly and witness over and over her ability in helping others. I would recommend her for shamanic healing to anyone who needs healing." - Netanya Selman, RN, MA.,- Los Angeles, CA.


    "....Things were great at the house. The dogs were very calm."

    "Things were great the house. The dogs were very calm...I also felt like my Power Animals helped me to deal with the situation. I have had a pretty stressful week. Working 11 hour days and had an assignment due but I feel like having the Power Animals has helped me cope with it all. Thank you!" -Elisabeth Hayward - Sherman Oaks, CA.

    "....There's so much...and am extremely grateful to you for your work with me."

    "...In fact, I have been so inundated with new perspectives, new feelings, new thoughts, interesting new visions and understandings, etc. that a part of me feels like I'm not even able to keep up with it all. There's SO MUCH...and am extremely grateful to you for your work with me. Best, Stacy"

    Stacy Macias - Long Beach, CA.

    "Within a few days after each session I felt a lightness of being..."

    "Joye performed energy fire extractions on me in two sessions that have changed my life. Within a few days after each session I felt a lightness of being and joy that I had never experienced before...I feel freed up to pursue my path in ways that I was not able to before. Joye is an amazing and talented energy healer." -Tim Daulter - Northridge, CA.


    "Her approach is compassionate and firm..."

    "Joye has led me to recognize my own access to power, while helping me to cultivate a strong and healthy relationship with this power. I will always be grateful to Joye for helping me take my first steps into spirit world, and for giving me a blueprint to begin my explorations." - Anne - Los Angeles, CA.

  • Our goal at TV Healing Arts is to effectively renew and restore those parts of yourself that have been lost or abandoned, due to trauma or lose.


    Joye Peters is a shamanic practitioner and coach based in Berlin, Germany and Los Angeles, California.


    Firstly, I don't consider myself a "shaman" and beleive the word is overused. I consider myself a Medicine Woman that uses shamanic and other healing techniques with a deep connection to the earth and Universe as a whole. This is a major part of my practice.


    My initiation into this work was unique. The first teachers I studied with were Richard Dobson (C.HT, R.HT) and Natasha Frazier (C.HT, R.HT) who taught me traditional Ojibwa (Native American) medicine techniques. I also studied with the late Sun Bear (Gheezis Mokwa) of the Chippewa/Metis tribe and founder of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society.


    Later on my path, I trained with Dr. Michael Harner of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. My long standing teacher at the foundation was Sandra Ingerman, world-renowned expert on Soul Retrieval. She taught me Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Counseling, as well as many other courses. I am also a member of The Circle of the Foundaation.


    I graduated from California College of Arts with a BFA, have lived in 4 countries and have traveled to over a dozen.

    • Discover and understand the basis of your problem or health issue from a shamanic point of view.

    • Enhance your life by using tools that continually benefit and enrich after your session.

  • Procedures

      The work and healing takes place on multi-levels. This creates a domino effect. Whatever is done will not interfere with any medical diagnosis you may have.



      This procedure works on a specific trauma from your past. The goal is to "retrieve" the part of you that "left" to help you survive that trauma. This technique will help rid afflicted memories, obstacles, belief methodologies or anything else that miight be preventing you from moving on from that trauma.


      Everyone should have a Power Animal. They become your bestfriend and will help increase your physical and mental stamina while building and restoring your confidence and self-esteem. They also teach you about protection and security


      Shamanic Releasing Technique

      Home is where the heart is, but what if your heart is being occupied by something else? This intricate procedure releases attachments by removing them from the heart chakra and using classic psychopomp techniques to release them.

      Individual Shamanic Coaching

      (beginner and advanced)

      Learn how to journey, and enter the path of the "wounded warrior". You will transform your life while understanding the triggers and habits that prevent you from personal growth. Also, you will eventually learn how to help others. Shamanic Coaching for the advanced practitioner who has been on the path for some time or the pro who has their own practice. You will continue to build upon your relationships with your Allies and learn advanced Ojibwa medicine techniques.

    • "I specialize in Site Specific Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Releasing Technique."

      Joye Peters

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    • Resources

      Below are two drumming tracks for shamanic journeying. Please use headphones for best results. WARNING: adjust and test your volume before using to ensure there is no hearing damage. You will also find 2 videos below on shamanism and how its currently used in everyday life.

    • The Way of the Shaman is a documentary on the work of Micheal Harner and modern shamanism. Sandra Ingerman talks about illness from a shamanic perspective.

      In loving memory of Dr. Michael Harner 1929-2018

    • Skeptical?


      There are people who say that going to another "world" and bringing back power animals for healing is nonsense. Here are a few examples of such objections and our answers.

      "Are you kidding me! What are they talking dogs?"

      We talk with the mind all the time, often subconsciously. Don't people pray to God? And what about the infamous "gut feeling" or what is called intuition? Shamanism is not magic. It is a learning and healing method developed over millennia. It is considered the oldest form of healing and can be found on every continent.


      "This sounds like hocus pocus stuff."

      From today's perspective in Western culture shamanism can sound ridiculous, but so does a spiritual leader turning water into wine. In the 17th century, scientists were burned at the stake for saying the world was round. 100 years ago, doctors were being hanged for robbing graves to operate on cadavers. The American Medical Association was once called a ”fringe science” and “brainwashers”.

      "I’m a devoutly religious and the idea of conjuring up spirits scares me. I would never get into what you’re talking about."

      A Shaman does not conjure up spirits. We work with energy that is displaced. There are parallels to this type of healing work with homeopathy, Reiki, acupuncture, and even Western psychology.

      "I've heard of shamanism and was recommended to check it out. I believe it works, but all of this stuff really scares me."

      It is normal to be afraid of the unknown. These techniques are not for everyone and there is no guarantee that they will work for your problem or medical issue. Most of what people fear is the fear itself. So, how will you ever know if it works if you stay in fear?

    • Frequently asked Questions
      What is Shamanism?

      What is a Shamanic practitioner?

      A person who practices shamanism as spiritual medicine. Shamanism is considered the oldest form of healing practiced on every continent throughout millennia.

      What do you do?

      I work alongside my helping Allies in the form of animals and teachers. I go to them in a journey. They do all the work.

      Are you making up what you see or is it your imagination?

      Neither. Its hard to describe. The best way I can explain it is to say that I'm shown things and given information about a problem or issue and the best way to solve it.

      Why would a person go to a Shaman? Can a Shaman help a person if they're already on medication or are being treated for an illness?

      A Shaman specifically works on the problem or disease on the astral body. The healing is layered working on multi-levels spiritually, and does not interfere with any medications that you might be taking.

      How does it work, how do you do it, what does it look like?

      I drum for myself either sitting or standing. I journey in a relaxed state with my eyes covered. This is where I meet my allies who then work on your behalf.

      Is it expensive and would my insurance cover it?

      The cost is substantially less expensive than most medical procedures or therapies. Check with your insurance provider to see if they cover what's called CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine). It varies from State to State.

      Is a Shaman part of a religious belief and does a person have to join a group to go to one?

      Throughout millennium, Shamans have affiliated themselves with religious groups or spiritual practices depending on how they were trained. I keep my own belief systems out of sessions to prevent confusion or judgement. You do not have be religious to do this and if you are, it will not interfere with the work and can actually enhance it.


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      All procedures are available for long distance healing. Please email me for more information.

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