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    Transforming the Present by Healing your Past Trauma


    If you're here in search of a solution to a current or long-term problem, you are at the right place. Maybe you were referred or stumbled upon this site in search of something, and not sure how, but know you need help.


    No matter how you got here, welcome.


    In all its form's, shamanism can help you eliminate and heal the pain of memories from your past. It heals those memories through transforming the trauma associated with them, so you can live the life you want by understanding how shamanic tools work.


    We use different techniques based in core shamanism along with Ojibwa medicine techniques to uncover the source of an issue or problem and identity it from a shamanic perspective.

    "Humankind has not woven the web of life.
    We are but one thread within it.
    Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
    All things are bound together.
    All things connect."

    Chief Seattle


  • Turtle Vision Healing Arts is based on these core principles:

    • Any issue or problem is met with complete confidentiality and non-judgement.
    • You already have most of the answers, its only a matter of uncovering them.
    • Spirit, heart and Intellect must be happily unified to be complete.
    • We are more than how our physical bodies appear to us.
    • Your results are all that matter.

  • What TV Healing Arts is:
    Results based. Measure results by the changes in your own life and how others interact with you.


    What TV Healing Arts is not:

    Person based. It’s all about the compassionate Allies called upon to work on your behalf.

    Tree Frog
  • "Within a few days after each session, I felt a lightness of being..."


    Tim D. - 2008

    "...a late-night internet search took me down the rabbit hole."

    Alice W. - 2016

    ...11 hour days and had an assignment due but I feel like having the Power Animals has helped me cope with it all. Thank you!"

    Elisabeth H. - 2016

    "The bad vibes are gone for good - and we’ve learned so much from you in the process about setting a positive intention, while being open to the form it takes!"

    Kaja K. - 2019

    If I could double recommend her, I would...Amazing and life changing. I do not exaggerate."

    Kerry M.- 2017

  • Process & Steps

    Its common to feel the difference after a single session.



    Pick a date for your 20-minute phone session. It's designed to quickly get to the issue and determine if shamanism would be effective for you.



    We decide on the best procedure for your situation. Then we pick a day & time online.



    Each session is 60-90 minutes long. You will learn beneficial tools to keep the healing process going.

  • Procedures & Techniques

    Due to COVID all sessions are online.

    Power Animal Retrieval

    What is a Power Animal?

    A Power Animal helps increase your physical and mental strength, confidence and magnitude. They can also be retrieved for a family, property or business.

    Everyone should have a Power Animal. Its that simple. From a shamanic perspective, all of us are born into this life with the protection of a helping spirit like a guardian angel. Children have stuffed toys that take the form of animals. This sometimes can be a physical manifestation of their PA. Your PA will not only help increase your physical, mental strength and confidence but also magnify your presence.


    Power Animals can protect you by having your back.


    Sometimes in our lives when our power is gone, we feel powerless. A Power Animal is like having a BFF (best friend forever). It can guide and mentor you throughout your life. You can become fearless in any situation when using your PA and it will be the newest member of your spiritual family.


    A PA can also be retrieved for a school or business after a traumatic event for protection and healing those involved.

    How do you know if you need a Power Animal?

    You need a Power Animal Retrieval when:

    • You've had successes in the past, but the momentum has stopped and you're struggling to bet it back.
    • You lack motivation.
    • You isolate yourself from life because you don't know what else to do.
    Group pf house pets

    D. is an Olympic gold medalist skateboarder who had his producer contact me. He wanted a Power Animal because of an upcoming on-air TV stunt. It was the most dangerous stunt to date. A friend of his recommended a Power Animal Retrieval. He told him that having a PA would make him more confident. I went to his studio and retrieved a PA. Two weeks later, his stunt went off safely and more successfully than he'd imagined. His career skyrocketed and he got his own TV show.

    Site-specific Soul Retrieval

    What is Soul Retrieval?

    Soul Retrieval can help eliminate trauma, depression and afflictions from abuse. It can also be used to bring back the soul of a property, company, or city.

    This is one of the better known techniques associated with shamanism. We have all had energy or soul loss that occurred during or after a traumatic event in our lives. It can happen from being yelled at as a child to physical, psychological or any type of abuse. A major death, illness, accident or embarrassment can trigger soul loss. This happens as a form of survival to protect us from the incident of shock from the trauma itself. Its part of being human. The soul part separates itself and leaves the body.


    In psychology this is called “dissociation”.


    Soul Retrieval works by bringing back the disconnected soul part which created the loss. The retrieval transforms the part by bringing it into the present from the past and returning it back to the body of origin. This forms new wholeness for the client through the integration process.


    This technique can help rid you of afflicted memories along with obstacles, belief modalities or any excess baggage that might be preventing you from moving on from that trauma.


    It can also help a business grow by replenishing and revitalizing it with the initial mission or goals within the spirit of the company.

    How do you know if you need a Soul Retrieval?

    You need a Soul Retrieval when:

    • Through a a traumatic event you can't get back to normal.
    • You have an addiction that has taken over your life.
    • You've been diagnosed with depression, OCD or PTSD. 
    • You feel lifeless with no energy.
    • Your business has dramatically lost profits.

    If any of these symptoms apply to you, from a shamanic perspective there might be soul loss,

    Girl curled up in a chair

    C. was married and living in Boston. She was having panic attacks, insomnia, and stomach problems. She was depressed overly self-critical and felt guilty for not finishing things she'd started. In her marriage she gave everything of herself and got nothing in return. I performed a long distance emergency Soul Retrieval. About 3 weeks later her stomach problems were gone, panic attacks had subsided and one year later, she divorced her husband and is happily remarried with a new baby.

    Fire Extraction

    What is an Fire Extraction?

    Fire Extraction helps release blocked energy and can sometimes diminish disease.

    Fire Extraction helps release blocked energy and can assist with diminishing disease. A prognostic journey is done beforehand to gather more information and clarification. In general a minimum of 3 sessions are needed for best results.


    Fire Extraction indicates that a symptom is actually an intrusion of the etheric body and energetically needs to be a removed.


    In general, F.E. is used when there is an intrusion upon the body. These intrusions can take many forms. Through removal and neutralization vitality and energetic health is restored.

    How do you know if you need a Fire Extraction?

    You need a Fire Extraction when:

    • You feel blocked mentally or physically.
    • You’re having symptoms like vomiting or migraine headaches.
    • You’re having internal pain not associated with an illness, yet medication does not get rid of it.
    • You have brain-fog for no reason.
    Illustration of human energy systems

    S. was referred to me with a rare cancerous tumor. We had 3 Fire Extraction sessions. A week after the first session he informed me that his doctors discovered the tumor had stopped growing. We did a second session and his doctors told him to continue whatever he was doing. After the third session, it appeared that the tumor hadn't grown anymore and his doctors considered removing it.

    Shamanic Releasing Technique

    What is Shamanic Releasing Technique?

    Shamanic Releasing Technique can heal an attached entity in the heart, thereby mending your emotional balance.

    Home is where the heart is, but what if your heart is being occupied by something else? Entity attachment can happen in different ways. One of the most common is through generational attachment. This can happen after a major tragedy and by being passed on to another relative.


    This intricate procedure releases attachment(s) directly from the heart chakra. Classic shamanic psychopomp techniques are used to release them.


    Shamanic Releasing Technique is about restoring the emotional heart back to where it was before an entity became attached. It can befall a loved one during the passing of a relative. The attachment goes into the heart chakra building and becoming part of the host's life and emotional reality.

    How do you know if you need a S.R.T.?

    You need Shamanic Releasing Technique when:

    • You noticed abrupt changes in your thinking or lifestyle which changes negatively and dramatically.
    • You start acting out in ways which are unfamiliar, out of control or your behavior has shifted destructively.
    • Those closest to you try to help, but your life is in havoc or filled with continuous misfortune.
    Illustration of a stressed heart

    M. is an easy going person and always pleasant to be around. M. enjoyed to drink, but if she did so under certain circumstances like staying mad at her husband or not allowing herself to express her anger towards her children, she would overindulge and become aggressive and even violent. After a Shamanic Releasing Technique session we discovered that two entities from her alcoholic father were attached to her after he died, 10 years earlier. They were released and now, not only does M. no longer become aggressive when she drinks, she drinks much less.

    Shamanic Coaching

    What is Shamanic Coaching?

    Step into the shamanic landscape and meet your Allies. Learn how to maneuver through the environment and discover revelations specific for you. I use your life as a template. Receive healing and tools for personal growth.

    Also known as the Path of the Wounded Healer or Wounded Warrior, the shamanic journey is a powerful mechanism for accelerating and transforming your life goals. By immersing yourself in shamanic methods you will attain practical knowledge on how to use it for healing in your own life and eventually to help others if you choose.

    Shamanic Coaching teaches you how to journey on a practical level to excel your natural potential. We use Core Shamanism to guide you into the deepest parts of yourself and to connect you with spirit. You will learn how to maneuver through the shamanic landscape and decipher the sign posts along the way.


    Many times people are called to this work through other modalities or need guidance for their own self-development.


    My approach is direct and interactive: you do all the work. First we work on you. You cannot help others without helping yourself by understanding what shamanism is and deciphering what it shows you.


    You will learn to see in the dark, so to speak. Integrative techniques are used to hone your seeing skills, enabling you to build your confidence in doing shamanic work. We use your life as the template for success. A minimum commitment of 4 sessions is required.


    Whether you are at the beginning of your path or you're an established professional with your own practice, I work with each person individually.

    You need Shamanic Coaching when:

    • You've always been interested in shamanism and want to learn how to use it to change your life and to help others.
    • You have journeyed before, but don't know how to use the information you get.
    • You feel like you are being initiated but not sure the direction to go or how to be of service.
    • You already work in the holistic or medical field and are looking for another modality to complement your practice and take it to the next level.
    Man standing in front of Mt. Everst

    "In the roughly six months I have been working with Joye, my life has completely turned around. I was estranged from my family, but Joye helped me work with spirit to obtain a ritual to heal these relationships. My career has taken an empowering turn, and I feel closer to living an authentic, honest life." Anne- Los Angeles, Ca.

    "What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night.
    It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime.
    It is the little shadow which runs across
    the grass and loses itself in the sunset."

    Crowfoot, Blackfoot warrior and orator

  • Our goal at TV Healing Arts is to effectively renew and restore those parts of yourself that have been lost, neglected or abandoned due to stress and trauma.

    Its common to feel the difference after a single session.

  • Meet Joye

    My name is Joye Peters. I have worked in many roles in many different industries. I am an artist who has worked as art consultant, scenic designer, gallery owner, associate producer, film financier and software consultant. My varied experience has given me a true understanding of how to work with people.


    During those positions there is one role that I've always been passionate about and that had always been my second career. It kept me focused and in the beginning was built entirely through referrals. That is the role of Shamanic Coach.



    My childhood was filled with lots of travel due to being an Air Force brat. Tripoli Libya, Los Angeles, California, Washington D.C., Tehran, Iran and Grand Rapids, Michigan are many of the places I lived as a child. This developed a nomadic travel bug in me which still sometimes surfaces today. It also influenced my understanding and desire for cultural diversity which is very much a part of who I am.


    My bloodline is as diverse as the places I have lived. On my mother’s father’s side of the family, my Great-grandmother was Canadian Blackfoot Indian married to my German Great-grandfather. My mother's mother was African American and Cherokee Indian. On my father’s side of the family, his mother was also African American and part American Indian, but the tribe we do not know. Information about his father was also unknown.

    My Story


    I stumbled upon the shamanic path when I was a Freshman at University studying art. I was a bit of a bookworm, loved philosophy and deep subjects and began reading the works and teachings of Krishnamurti and Gurdjieff while living in the dorm.


    One Christmas I received a gift that would change my life forever; an 8-week course on visualization and Ojibwa medicine by Richard Dobson (C.HT, R.HT) and Natasha Frazier (C.HT, R.HT). This incredible power couple taught me techniques that I still use today, and I received firsthand knowledge and healing from his visiting Uncle, a pipe-carrying Ojibwa Medicine Man.


    After that gift, I was hooked. I didn’t understand where this path would lead me, but it didn’t matter, I was in. This ignited a search inside of myself even though I didn’t know what I was looking for. Then I began studying with Gheezis Mokwa known as Sun Bear of the Chippewa/Metis tribe and founder of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society.


    Six years later, I took Michael Harner’s introductory course The Way of the Shaman. I excelled in that course and discovered abilities within myself that were concealed yet starting to surface. Afterwards, I went to what I call shaman University at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, working mainly with Micheal Harner and Sandra Ingerman.


    During this exceptionally in depth period on my shamanic path, I was always being initiated in my life. Major deaths of all kinds and during this period, little did I know that this was part of the path of the Wounded Healer which I constantly resisted. Eventually I excepted those initiations as the teachings that they were.

    Fast Forward


    Finally, I gave in wholeheartedly to shamanism and embraced it with complete love and I stepped up to the plate in service of something greater than myself and allowed the Universe to dictate my path.

    • Discover and understand the basis of your problem or health issue from a shamanic perspective.

    • Enhance your life by using tools that continually benefit and enrich after your session.

  • Book your 30-minute free phone session

  • Testimonials

    Tulip in a pot

    "I had no idea what I was trying to do after a late-night internet search took me down the rabbit hole and I clicked on the free session. "

    "Within the first 5 minutes of the call, Joye somehow cut through my fragmented ramblings, my weird phone manners...with a freedom beyond any therapy session (and I have had many) giving honest voice to my circumstances and need for help. When she began to journey for me I felt the tension in my body my fears, even my skepticism, sapping away, giving room for calm to root. A week and some days later, it happened. I integrated what Joye restored in me. It was raw. there is a part of me that is still reeling...The work Joye did was very real; akin to how surgery can set a broken bone and give the body a chance to heal whole again. " Alice W. - Los Angeles, CA,- 2016


    "....an absolutely fantastic healing..."

    "Joye did an absolutely fantastic healing for myself and my home. She is nice, caring and a wonderful person. I highly recommend her services." - Andrea M. -Woodland Hills, CA. - 2008

    Thumbs up

    "...I haven’t bitten a single finger nail!"

    "Wanted to share with you that the memory of one more lady from my distant past came next day after session. She, as you described her, had brown hair, and her name started with “A”. She never lived with us, that’s why my memory of her is not that clear...And almost forgot- so far I haven’t bitten a single finger nail! Best to you." - Lana K. - Woodland Hills, CA. - 2014

    No. 1 badge

    "...Shifts have taken place on multiple levels..."

    "Shifts have taken place on multiple levels. The feeling is one of calm confidence. I feel well supported...I thank you Joye and your animals for being at the core of that support." - David Q. - Reseda, CA. - 2012

    Figure walking

    "....I got a lot done and felt motivated and powerful!"

    "Last Saturday, I went to run errands with my power animal and I got a lot done and felt motivated and powerful! So I'm still working with him and thanks so much again for your help. Thank you," - Rod W.- Ojai, CA. 2015

    Portrait of a head

    "...I witness over and over her ability in helping others."

    "Joye's participation in Moon Drum Circle has surfaced her gifts as a seer and healer. The connection she has with her teachers continues to strengthen as I benefit directly and witness over and over her ability in helping others. I would recommend her for shamanic healing to anyone who needs healing." - Netanya S., RN, MA.,- Los Angeles, CA. 2006


    Image of a couch

    "....Things were great at the house. The dogs were very calm."

    "Things were great the house. The dogs were very calm...I also felt like my Power Animals helped me to deal with the situation. I have had a pretty stressful week. Working 11 hour days and had an assignment due but I feel like having the Power Animals has helped me cope with it all. Thank you!" -Elisabeth H. - Sherman Oaks, CA. - 2016

    Light bulb

    "....There's so much...and I am extremely grateful to you for your work with me."

    "...In fact, I have been so inundated with new perspectives, new feelings, new thoughts, interesting new visions and understandings, etc. that a part of me feels like I'm not even able to keep up with it all. There's SO MUCH...and am extremely grateful to you for your work with me. Best, Stacy" -

    Stacy M. - Long Beach, CA.-2014

    Sun coming out of the clouds

    "Within a few days after each session I felt a lightness of being..."

    "Joye performed energy fire extractions on me in two sessions that have changed my life. Within a few days after each session I felt a lightness of being and joy that I had never experienced before...I feel freed up to pursue my path in ways that I was not able to before. Joye is an amazing and talented energy healer." -Tim D. - Northridge, CA.- 2008


    Magnet with electricity

    "Her approach is compassionate and firm..."

    "Joye has led me to recognize my own access to power, while helping me to cultivate a strong and healthy relationship with this power. I will always be grateful to Joye for helping me take my first steps into spirit world, and for giving me a blueprint to begin my explorations." - Anne - Los Angeles, CA. - 2012

    Image of a key

    "Joye gave me a Soul Retrieval that was the key to changing my life."

    "Joye Peters gave me a soul retrieval that changed my life. I was able to find the focal point and partners for my online business. I was able to tap into my 7 and 14 year old selves, which were crucial periods in my adolescent development, and together dealt with my OCD. In addition, I felt renewed and reinvigorated to take control of my finances that I had relinquished in a pending divorce settlement. I highly recommend her. " - Will S. -Los Angeles, CA -2010

    A color wheel

    "I never dreamt in color before until after my session with you."

    "3 nights after my session with you I had a vivid and colorful dream. I never dream in color before until after my session with you because all my dreams have always been in black and white! My friend who sees me everyday told me I look different and more peaceful. Thank you." - Shasha L. - Poland- 2019

    A paper heart

    "I feel more at peace."

    "Honestly, I feel more at peace with myself overall. I feel less guarded. I also feel more organized." I. Avenesov - Los Angeles, CA. - 2019

    Tulip in a pot

    "When Joye finally did the final space clearing, instantly the energy shifted."

    "I can't thank you enough for your shamanic support in resolving a boundary issue peacefully we had with a neighbor. Parts of the garden felt so heavy that we avoided going there because it just didn't feel safe. With your calm confidence you gave us a sense of security. Your focus on providing healing helped us avoid feeding the negative energy. When you did the final space clearing, instantly the energy shifted. The bad vibes are gone for good - and we’ve learned so much from you in the process about setting a positive intention, while being open to the form it takes!" Kaja K. - London, UK. - 2019

    Tulip in a pot

    If I could double recommend her, I would...

    If I could double-recommend Joye, I would. She is so spot on powerful, I reconciled some seemingly impossible situations with the shift she facilitated in working dream journey. Amazing and life changing. I do not exaggerate. " Kerry M.- Los Angeles, CA.- 2016

  • This might not be for you if:

    • You believe doctors and medication are the only way.
    • You believe the interconnections between mind, body and spirit are not real.
    • You believe shaman is another word for magic, cult or religion.

  • Skeptical?


    There are people who say that going to another world and bringing back Power Animals to help heal your spirit is nonsense. Here is our responses to these objections.

    Swimming polar bear

    "Are you kidding me! What are they talking dogs?"

    We talk with our mind all the time, subconsciously. Don't people pray? And what about the infamous "gut feeling" or what is known as intuition? Shamanism is not magic. It is a learning and healing methodology developed over millennia to work with the natural world around us in all its forms seen and unseen. It is considered the oldest form of healing and can be found on every continent.

    Portrait of a panther

    "This sounds like hocus pocus."

    From today's perspective in Western culture shamanism can sound ridiculous, but so does a spiritual leader turning water into wine. In the 17th century, scientists were burned at the stake for saying the world was round. There are still those that believe it today! 150 years ago, doctors were being hanged for robbing graves to operate on cadavers. The American Medical Association was once called a fringe science and brain-washers.

    Sterling standing on a log

    "I’m a devoutly religious and the idea of conjuring up spirits scares me. I would never get into what you’re talking about."

    A Shaman does not conjure up spirits. We work with energy that is already here. There are parallels to this type of healing work with Homeopathy, Reiki, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, and even Psychology. Its well known that most people that become practitioners come from these disciplines.

    Portrait of otter

    "I've heard of shamanism and was recommended to check it out. I believe it works, but all of this stuff really scares me."

    It is normal to be afraid of the unknown. These techniques are not for everyone and there is no guarantee that they will work for your situation. Most of what people fear is the fear itself. So, how will you ever know if it works if you stay in fear?

    Image of chameleon

    It is the mark of an intelligent mind to entertain a thought without fully accepting it.”

    You are surely intelligent enough to be skeptical, but you are also intelligent enough to know when your problems or suffering gets to a point where you ask yourself, “Should I try something different?”

  • READY?

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    The 20 minute phone session is here to determine if shamanism is the best approach to give effective results for your issue. Click the calendar below and choose your appointment date. You will receive a 24 hour reminder before your phone session.

    Book a session or procedure.

  • Drumming

    Below are 2 drumming tracks for shamanic journeying. Please use headphones for best results. WARNING: please adjust and test your volume before listening.

  • Frequently asked Questions
    What is Shamanism?

    Image of buffalo

    What is a Shamanic practitioner?

    A person who practices shamanism as spiritual medicine. Shamanism is considered the oldest form of healing practiced on every continent throughout millennia.

    Image of dragonfly

    What do you do?

    I work alongside my helping Allies in the form of animals and teachers. I go to them in a journey. They do all the work.

    Flying owl

    Are you making up what you see or is it your imagination?

    Neither. Its hard to describe. The best way I can explain it is to say that I'm shown things and given information about a problem or issue and the best technique to solve it.

    image of elephant

    Why would a person go to a Shaman? Can a Shaman help a person if they're already on medication or are being treated for an illness?

    A Shaman specifically works on the problem or disease on the astral body. The healing is layered working on multi-levels spiritually, and does not interfere with any medications that you might be taking.

    Image of butterfly

    How does it work, how do you do it, what does it look like?

    I drum for myself either sitting or standing. I journey in a relaxed state with my eyes covered. This is where I meet my allies who then work on your behalf.

    Image of white dog

    Is it expensive and would my insurance cover it?

    The cost is substantially less expensive than most medical procedures or therapies. Check with your insurance provider to see if they cover what's called CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine). It varies from State to State and Country to Country.

    Image of albino dolphin

    Is shamanism part of a religious belief or does a person have to join a group to go to one?

    Shamans have affiliated themselves with religious groups or spiritual practices depending on how they were trained. I keep my own belief systems out of practice to prevent confusion or judgement. You do not have to be religious to do have a session done. and if you are, it will not interfere and can actually enhance it.

  • Image of red sea turtle
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